Our books revolutionize the world.

Today’s world is increasingly complex and fluid, beset by seemingly intractable problems that outstrip anything humankind has ever experienced. There are enormous challenges and opportunities. Successfully navigating them without losing our humanity or further eroding global resources requires a higher, richer, more complex perspective than ever before: an Integral perspective.

Better outcomes demand an Integral approach.

The Integral perspective encompasses a broad range of models, frameworks and constructs, and offers the most comprehensive view of reality, allowing us – as individuals, employees, employers, community members and global leaders – to overcome current challenges and create solutions that improve life around the world for generations to come. We do not need to choose one over the other. 

We are passionately focused on sharing this perspective to enable the insight and wisdom needed to address the world’s challenges fully and with grace. Integral Publishers was the first publishing house to engage solely with authors who draw on Integral, Adult Development, Complexity, Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary approaches. It was cutting-edge then and remains unique today, but the concepts we bring the world are not only for the Ivory Tower.

Our authors’ work is embraced by some of the world’s most influential figures and leveraged by leading organizations. 

In bringing Integral thinking to the world, we offer a way for integrally informed, leading-edge thinkers to get their ideas to the right audience in service of the greater good. We are committed to publishing authors whose work is integrally informed and introduces novel, even revolutionary, insights across a broad range of disciplines. 

We welcome new collaborations, authors and high-quality individual submissions. Please review our submission requirements or get in touch for more information.