CosmoErotic Humanism & Homo Amor

CosmicErotic Humanism is not one meta-theory but more a world view, or said even more precisely, a world story, much like the way existentialism or romanticism or rationalism integrates multiple validated information and wisdom across domains.

CosmicErotic Humanism integrates the validated information and wisdom of the leading-edge world stories in premodern, modern, and postmodern thought. It aggregates key data, validated insights, and meta-theories from each of these periods into a larger story of value, rooted in evolving first principles and first values.

These include Unique Self theory, Tenets of Intimacy, Value Theory, The Faces of Eros, Developmental theory, Integral theory, Evolutionary Love Principles, Conscious Evolution, The Phenomenology of Eros, Educational Theory, Evolutionary Theory, Attachment Theory and more.

When the evolving first principles and first values are integrated into a story of value what emerges is what we have called the Amorous Cosmos, the Intimate Universe, the CosmoErotic Universe or the Universe: A Love Story. These are different names for the core universe story of CosmoErotic Humanism.

CosmoErotic Humanism understands evolution to be the love story of the universe. Moreover, it is only in the context of such a love story that one can protest against evil, act to heal suffering, and partner with and as the evolutionary impulse in the healing and transformation of reality.

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