Project Description

Developmental Innovation: Emerging Worldviews & Individual Learning

By Tom Christensen, Editor

Follow the experiences of these “Third Generation Gravesians” as they use Clare W.Graves’ maturation map to empower, free, and realize possibilities totally new for our times. Who would benefit from the information in Innovative Development ? – Leaders responsible for healthy cities, states, countries, non-profits and businesses. – Educators guiding students from elementary school through university. – Economists concerned with money, finance, lending, and what is next for capitalism. – Policy-makers dedicated to disabled, impoverished, and other underserved citizens. – Those wishing a deeper yet practical understanding of large systems changes. Who would gain from the information in Developmental Innovation ? -Thinkers who want to know why Comte fell asleep in Vianne’s shop window. – Therapists, counselors and coaches wanting a more nuanced view of their roles. – People longing to make sex, romance, and the rest of intimacy all it was hoped for. – Lifelong learners who love personal stories of challenges, triumphs, and epiphanies. -Those who wish a deeper and more practical understanding of themselves and others.

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