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The Mystery of Love

By Dr. Marc Gafni

With his first groundbreaking book Soul Prints, Dr. Marc Gafni taught readers how to tread a lifelong path of meaning by realizing their Unique Selves. Now, in The Mystery of Love, the profound philosopher and beloved spiritual teacher invites readers to the next step on the journey, addressing with passion, wisdom, and genuine humility the all-important issues of love, creativity, and our erotic connection to the universe.

In the tradition of M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled and Gary Zukov’s The Seat of the SoulThe Mystery of Love speaks penetratingly to the age-old desire to move beyond emptiness and alienation and touch the full Eros of living. Gafni, with clarity, brilliance, and great compassion, re-frames our understandings of the erotic and the sensual in a way that invites us to live with passion and love in all facets of our lives. While drawn from the ancient wisdom texts of the Kabbalist tradition, The Mystery of Love speaks to all readers who seek a passionate, joyful, yet deeply grounded exploration of the ancient mysteries as their guide to enlightenment.

“The ancient wisdom of the great Hebrew mystics makes one essential promise: There is a better way to live,” says Gafni. Widely revered for his profound insight, genuine love, and life-enriching advice and guidance, Gafni delivers here his most nourishing message yet, empowering countless millions of contemporary souls to finally bridge the crucial chasm that separates alienation and boredom from love and passion.

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