Project Description

Innovative Leadership for Health Care

By Maureen Metcalf

As we face a global pandemic, the importance of effective health care leadership has become glaringly apparent. We have health care systems, practitioners, and researchers that have conquered many diseases, including smallpox, tuberculosis, and polio, and developed effective treatments for many other physical and mental health conditions. Still, cooperation, coordination, compassion, communication, and a focus on virtuous character among health care professionals and the general public remain challenging and even more essential. So, you might ask, why this book?

This text is the tenth book in the Innovative Leadership series. Over the past decades, we have seen leaders’ expectations increase as the world has become more interconnected and complex. Great strides have been made in learning about the brain and how it impacts human behavior and leadership development. Leaders must update how they think about leadership (their internal algorithm) and how they behave as leaders.

Innovative Leadership is the art of evolving how leaders lead to ensure they can weather their organizations through the broad range of changes they will face over the next decade and beyond. In times of dramatic change, our leaders must move institutions forward and create the thriving future we hope to leave for future generations.

This book provides health care workers with frameworks and tools based on the most current research in leadership, psychology, neuroscience, and physiology to help them update or innovate how they lead and build the practices necessary to continue to update their leadership skills. In 2014 we published the Innovative Leadership Book for Physician Leaders. We wrote this new book to update the 2014 volume based on the latest research and to serve all health care professionals.

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