Project Description

Knowing the Knower

By Lex Neale

Knowing the Knower guides readers on a journey into the celestial mechanics that underlie Consciousness, Mind and Energy. What is Consciousness? Energy? Life? Mind? Matter? How do they all come together as a human being capable of experiencing what can only be described as the Absolute Truth underlying all existence? The Knower draws on cultural knowledge, ancient wisdom and cutting edge scientific research to lead the curious traveler to a unified model of Integral Relativity that explains these underpinnings of the human experience. In this Information Age, the empirical and experiential proofs of phenomena are at last being allowed to proceed hand in hand, resulting in a grand unification of subjective and objective disciplines. Sri Aurobindo in his Integral Idealism philosophy said that experiential proof elevates mere philosophy to wisdom. Socrates said, “Know your Self,” elevating mere science to Science. “To Know” underlies Truth.

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