Project Description

New Currency: How Money Changes the World as We Know It

By Jordan MacLeod

NEW CURRENCY is a pioneering study of money’s untapped power to change the world. In the midst of a devastating global financial crisis, out of control government spending and grave problems such as terrorism, energy security and climate change, people all over the planet are waking up to the need for profound shifts in the way we think about and respond to these challenges.

This book provides a powerful, fresh context for effectively confronting our global crisis head on. MacLeod demonstrates how a new currency can be integrated into the heart of our financial system to build a more creative, sustainable and inclusive version of capitalism. “By changing how we hold money,” says MacLeod, “we literally hold in our hands the power to change the world.”

In this groundbreaking work, you will be introduced to an evolutionary perspective of money that accounts for its deep, subjective nature. MacLeod shows how an understanding of these dynamics can help us increasingly place economic activity in the service of qualitative growth and human development. He lays out a grounded vision, based on new economic tools, for redesigning the global economy to satisfy not only material needs but also align individuals and societies with their yearning to actualize their deepest values and purpose in the world.

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