Project Description

Uprising of the Human Spirit

By Eric Williams Towle

The social order today constitutes a kind of invisible prison for your mind built to ensure compliance to a central power. There is a way out. This book contains a map. This book is about the evolution of consciousness through history in relation to the rise and fall of civilizations and your place in that dynamic right now. We are living in an age when consciousness has evolved faster than civilization has progressed. This happens because those who have made their way to the top of the pyramids of power attempt to thwart all change that would threaten their dominance. This leaves the individual trapped between two opposing forces. On the one side is a society deliberately dumbed down and manipulated to support an entrenched elite–and on the other side: is the individual’s own rising mind, capable of creating a far better world. This condition is pandemic in society today. It leaves people feeling a vague sense of being strangely out of place, as if they don’t fit the world they were born into. E. Williams Towle has taken the integral theory of Jean Gebser, a social historian of immense genius, and integrated his penetrating insight into the evolution of consciousness with the political science of Carroll Quigley, a past master in the study of evolving civilizations. From this meeting Towle has found a path through the labyrinth of power leading to the liberation of the modern mind. Lost and forgotten human capacities are reintroduced to the reader along with an emerging consciousness that offers a freedom untouchable by grasping power. As the old corrupt civilization falls a new world rises. In this book is the beginnings of a revolution―the uprising of the human spirit.

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