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Willow Dea


Passionate about transformation, Willow Dea unleashes the potential in people, teams and organizations to enable sustainable growth. She is a consultant for Fortune 1000 businesses, and is the Department Chair for Transformative Education at Ubiquity University. She brings over 16 years experience in education innovation.

As a proven change leader, Ms. Dea utilizes complex system thinking to achieve highly successful outcomes. She drives strategic vision as a team player, ensuring that the change process is successfully engaged at all levels of the organization. Her open communication style and inclusive approach fosters a collaborative environment, conducive to organizational change initiatives and improved performance. Willow Dea authored several blogs; her latest is “Change Management Fails for Three Reasons,” for Huffington Post. She was the editor for Igniting Brilliance: Integral Education in the 21st Century. As a keynote speaker, she has provided thought leadership in the educational sphere, business, and personal development.

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