Project Description

Yene Assegid


You will be mesmerized by the stories that illustrate the remarkable life of Yene Assegid. Reading “Butterflies Over Africa” will touch your heart and bring forth tears of joy, compassion and laughter. As you immerse your self in this colorful tale of Yene’s life, you will begin to see the world and the continent of Africa through the eyes and heart of this emerging African leader and Global citizen. Her stories are both deeply personal and universal, told in the same voice and style as if you were sitting across the table from this beautiful and courageous women. Yene’s vision for the future of Africa and the world is both inspired and pragmatic. Butterflies over Africa represents an innovation in writing on development, weaving personal experience with conceptual innovation, practical thoughts and guidance on new ways to approach human development and understand leadership in African contexts. It tells a story that many Africans working in international development have often not told, about some of the oversights and negative practice in the aid industry. It also proposes a genuinely holistic way of re-conceiving development, as a process of transforming lives.

Works by Yene Assegid