Working With Us

We warmly welcome new authors and opportunities to collaborate in our core areas. Please get in touch if you have a manuscript or project in the works that you believe would benefit from a relationship with us!

We review only works that the author considers completed and that have not been published anywhere in any format. Full submission guidelines are available upon request. We take this process very seriously and, in return, expect submissions to reflect a high level of commitment to your project and be reasonably situated within the framework of our imprints. Please be aware that if you respond to our invitation requesting your entire manuscript, we will ask that you refrain from soliciting other publishers during our review process.

If you are in the “idea phase” of your project or your work is not yet complete, but you want to discuss an opportunity, please send us a short introductory email.

Remember that target audience identification and marketing/promotion plans are critical to your success. You will be fully responsible for both. We have a minimum threshold of 500 copies per title and review marketing plans to ensure you can achieve that quantity in a reasonable timeframe. Before getting in touch, please seriously consider the following:

  • Which people, groups and/or organizations will be interested in buying your book
  • Where your work sits within the context of the current market
  • Your strategy and budget for promoting and selling to your intended audience.
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